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Geochemical Exploration for Hydrocarbons

AGI (AMPLIFIED GEOCHEMICAL IMAGING LLC) Method – a breakthrough in this field

  • Method principle: vertical migration of hydrocarbons;
  • “Passive” sampling based on detection of hydrocarbons using (AGI Passive sampler) modules;
  • Analytic method: Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry which permits the detection of 85 target organic compounds (C2-C20);
  • The quality control is ensured at the highest level by the sampling technology and module analysis;
  • Use of multi-variate statistical techniques to aid extraction and differentiation of useful geochemical signal
  • The geochemical model is realized by the recording of the geochemical print for known reserves and also for the regional geochemical background;
  • The final report shows the anomaly zones through probabilistic maps, obtained function of the geochemical model.